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“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Forms and Paperwork

These forms are needed for new clients.  You will be instructed on which ones pertain to your situation.  Please READ all the forms prior to your first therapy session.  Your Background Information Form will need to be completed before we start services. If applicable, I may require a copy of your insurance card, and a drivers license, or other form of identification.  You can find more about my policies HERE

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Please READ & COMPLETE all required forms prior to commencing treatment. The Background Information Form must be completed and submitted prior to our initial assessment.  If I am unable to assist you, I will work hard to offer you an appropriate referral.  You have a choice between the online forms or you can print and fill out the forms just below the online forms.  We need ONE or the OTHER, not both. 

Thank you in advance!

These forms can be completed ONLINE

These forms can be PRINTED: 

•  Adult Background Information Form  (Download and print)


•  Child Background Information Form (Download and print)


•  Telehealth Consent Form (Download and print)

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